Bishop Walter A. Hurley, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Gaylord, has announced the following appointment, effective October 1, 2020: 

Rev. James Hayden is appointed Vicar General and Moderator of the Curia for the Diocese of Gaylord. 

Position summaries and essential duties: 

The Vicar General is a priest who functions as the Bishop’s deputy. He has wide-ranging responsibility for the executive 

functioning of the diocese and is the principal deputy of the Bishop for the exercise of administrative authority. As vicar of the bishop, the Vicar General exercises the bishop’s ordinary executive power over the entire diocese (c.475, n.1). He is delegated to act in the name of the Bishop

The Vicar General, by virtue of his office, can perform all administrative acts, except those, which the Bishop has reserved to himself or which by law require a special mandate (c479, n.1). The Vicar General advises the Bishop on a wide variety of issues and represents the Diocese on behalf of the Bishop to a variety of internal and external publics. He participates in decisions regarding the assignment of priests and responds to requests from extern priests to perform ministerial service within the Diocese; serves as Vicar for Religious, on the Priest Retirement Board, as an ex officio member of the Presbyteral Council, the Diocesan Council of Consultors and the Diocesan Finance Council; and oversees the work of Permanent Diaconate Formation.

 The Moderator of the Curia, who must be a priest, coordinates the exercise of administrative affairs and oversees those who hold offices and minister in diocesan administration, i.e. in assisting the bishop in the governance of the whole diocese, especially in guiding pastoral action; in caring for the administration, and in exercising judicial power. The moderator of the curia ensures that that administrative demands should not take precedence over the care of persons and the good of souls, safeguarding that operation is smooth and efficient, and avoiding all unnecessary complexity or bureaucracy. The bishop may exercise this office himself or delegate its functions by appointing a moderator of the curia. This office has been described as equivalent to a chief operating officer (COO) in a corporate structure, and typically, the Vicar General is appointed to this office