At this phase of construction, looks can be deceiving. While progress on the outside of the building goes according to its own wintry pace, the indoor spaces are alive with activity. Now that the boiler heat system is in place, construction workers can perform their duties in relative comfort as they install drop ceiling and lights, place HVAC controls, and build out shelving and other necessary items. New classroom furniture has been ordered, and kitchen equipment is being installed. Final renderings for the windows in our chapel, which Bishop Raica has determined will be named for the Archangel Gabriel, are in the works.


Naturally, many people are wondering what our plans are for final completion and move in. Our plans hinge on obtaining an occupancy permit from the State of Michigan – and that permit hinges upon a number of factors. It makes it difficult for us to say with certainty when move-in will take place, especially taking into account the rhythms of the school year. Many decisions will need to be made in the next few weeks.


It is remarkable to look across Division Street and view what is now a Catholic “campus” of church, school, and food pantry. God has blessed us with the resources to build and we are grateful for it.  As the project comes to completion, let’s be mindful that many are responsible for getting this done. With God, all things are possible!


Please continue to pray for our construction team, our school administration, faculty, staff and students as we press on towards the finish line.  As always, if you have questions you can reach our school liaison Eric Mulvany via the Immaculate Conception construction hotline at (231) 929-3565.