Our school project information night on June 26th was lightly attended but several good questions were addressed.  Here are some of the highlights and current details of the project.


Why isn’t the new school opening in September?

Last summer, the demolition of the oldest section of the existing school was delayed. That resulted in us heading into winter a bit behind schedule, and then weather conditions did not allow us to make up the lost time. In addition, our community is booming with new construction and we, along with many others, are limited by shortages of skilled labor in the building trades. These factors combined to create our new projected transition to the new building in late fall 2018.


What is happening with the remaining section of the old Immaculate Conception school?

The remaining section of the old Immaculate Conception school has been vacated and a crew will soon begin the process of abatement to be followed by demolition.  If everything goes well, we expect the building will go down around mid-August.  Once this is complete, a campus storm water infiltration system will be installed in this space and the new Immaculate Conception parking lot created.  The temporary parking area east of the old school will also be torn up, making way for the development of the school playground.  During the demolition and site development phase, some additional temporary parking will be created along the east side of the church.  Directional signs will show the location of these spaces.


Where are you housing the 4th and 5th grade students next fall?

Our 4th grade will be housed in temporary classrooms in Holy Angels Elementary/St. Francis High School and our 5th grade in St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Middle School.  Many contingency scenarios were discussed, however, this option allowed us to keep our children in our buildings where we feel comfortable with how we can deliver academics and our faith.  Families can take advantage of our intra-school shuttle bus if they have students in more than one location.


Will the new playground be fenced along Division Street?

The new playground will have a very decorative and robust fence with stone columns and iron.  It will keep our kids safe from the busy street and also create another beautiful statement to our overall campus plan.


Our new school project is exciting and challenging.  Please continue to pray for our Lady to untie any “knots” that would prevent a smooth transition and timely move in.  The new school will be a 100+ year statement to our faith.  Let us be thankful for our participation in and witness to something extraordinary that will help nurture our Catholic faith in our children for many generations to come.  


If you have any questions about the project, contact Eric Mulvany via the project hotline 231-929-3565. 

May God bless and protect all of us and those who visit our city!