Protecting Our Children

In accordance with the Diocese of Gaylord policy for the protection of children, “any cleric, religious, employee or other person acting with authority of the Church of the Dioceses of Gaylord who knows, or has reason to believe, that an incident of sexual abuse of a minor has occurred shall comply with state reporting requirements, specifically the Michigan Child Protection Law and to the Bishop’s review board, except for those communications that are canonically privileged.”  

In addition to the Michigan mandatory reporting requirements of clergy, teachers and other professionals, anyone who suspects a child is being abused in any way is encouraged to contact their local Department of Human Services (DHS) to file a report.

If the allegation involves an employee or volunteer in the service of the Church in the Diocese of Gaylord, contact Karina Bak at 1.800.727.5147  or 989.705.3534 following notification of the local DHS.

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