Since 1902, Immaculate Conception Church has operated under the guidance of 16 revered pastors. Click the following link for a more detailed timeline of our pastors.


Immaculate Conception church takes its form from the hall churches of late medieval and early renaissance Europe. From the open plaza and courtyard to powerful imagery and sculptures, it has been designed to reflect early Christian architecture. For further information, download the printable PDF below.

Architectural History: Download PDF

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Immaculate Conception Church is blessed to have a beautiful pipe organ for use in the liturgy. Click the following link for more on our church organ’s history and specifications.



On April 30, Bishop Richter authorized the establishment of a new church on the west side of Traverse City. Rev. Ladislaus Krakowski was appointed as pastor, and the church was to be known as Immaculate Conception Parish. In September of that year, Rev. Cornelius Emperor was named as pastor. Land for a new school-church building was acquired and construction began; however, the founding pastor became ill and passed away.


Fr. John Sheehan was appointed pastor in 1904, and work on the building was completed. In 1905, Bishop Richter issued a decree giving the new parish canonical existence.


In February, Bishop Richter dedicated the new school-church building. The total construction cost was $15,000. In September, the school opened with 80 students and five Sisters of Mercy nuns in charge.


The missions of Copemish and St. Joseph were assigned to Immaculate Conception Parish. (Another parish eventually took them over.)


A fund drive began to purchase property to be the site of the new church building.


On May 23, ground was broken for the new church.


On April 5 (Easter Sunday), the first Mass was celebrated in the new church. On May 30, the church was dedicated by the Right Reverend Roy Baker, V.G. Cost of the building, which was built under the direction of Rev. Msgr. Russell Passeno, cost $229,814.


Bishop Babcock authorizes an addition to the school.


On April 7, 1960, ground was broken on the school addition project.


On February 14, the addition to the school was completed at a cost of approximately $335,000 and the addition was blessed by Bishop Babcock on May 21.


Bishop Bobcock ordered the consolidation of the Catholic Schools in Traverse City.


A new rectory was built under the direction of Fr. Edwin Thome at a cost of $178,000 plus furnishings.


the parish celebrated its 75th anniversary.


The Centennial Hall, built under the direction of Fr. Dennis Stillwell, was dedicated. Cost for that project was $1.2 million.


Fr. Jim Hayden was appointed pastor.


We celebrate our 100th year as a parish.


Fr. Anthony Citro is appointed pastor.

June 1, 2017

A Mass was celebrated by Bishop Steven J. Raica and priests of the Grand Traverse Area Catholic School system to break ground on a new Elementary School building.

June 13, 2017

A final Mass was held in the original Immaculate Conception Church, which was on the second floor of the old building. Mass had not been celebrated there since 1953.