Reflecting on God’s Word

One morning in 1888, Alfred Nobel, the man who invented dynamite, picked up the morning newspaper and, to his shock, read an account of his death. The reporter had made a mistake; it was his cousin, not he, who had died.

In reading his own obituary, Alfred Nobel realized just how he would be recognized and remembered should he die. He would be the “dynamite king,” a merchant of death. This so disturbed and upset Nobel that he decided to give his life a new direction. He became involved in the work of peace and justice and made it a point to ensure that money was set aside so an annual award could be given to those engaged in that important work.

So when Alfred Nobel died, his obituary made no mention of his being a merchant of death. He was hailed instead for his humanitarian deeds, especially the establishment of the Nobel Peace Prize. You could say that the mistake in 1888 gave Alfred Nobel a second chance at life. As a result, the world was awarded a wonderful legacy.

—Rev. Richard Zajac
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Living God’s Word

We pray that whatever form our journey takes, we will persevere in becoming, individually and communally, a new creation. We ask the Father to send forth the Holy Spirit upon us so that we will be recreated as this same Spirit continues to renew the face of the earth.

Copyright © 2012, World Library Publications. All rights reserved.