From the Pastor



Dear Parishioners,

God saw everything that he had made and indeed, it was very good.” (Gn 1:31)

That passage from Genesis popped into my mind this past weekend at the beginning of Mass when I looked out and saw that the church was full. It’s wonderful to see so many people returning to mass. God Is Good!

 We have all been through so much in the past year and a half. Now we can see  light at the end of the tunnel. With so many people being vaccinated, and with so many things beginning to open up, we are beginning to experience a new sense of normalcy. It’s like Noah after the flood, we are leaving the ark, so to speak, and life begins anew. As we begin again, God’s creation continues anew and we are part of the new creation. God Is Good!

 As we begin anew, I have two important items to share with you. First, in regards to CSA, we have not only reached our target goal of $141,628 but we surpassed it by $25,815 which is money that will come back to the parish when all pledges are paid. I cannot overstate how grateful I am and edified by the generosity of all the good people of our parish. You always come through! Please know that it is not taken for granted and that is it greatly appreciated.

Secondly, Deacon Jude, who has faithfully served our parish as a Deacon for the past six years, will be coming on board as a full-time employee. Jude will continue as our volunteer ministries coordinator, which includes liturgical volunteers. This is a very important role as we begin to open up more and more ministries that will be viable and also greatly needed.

Jude will also be our new Director of Faith Formation. I am so glad that Jude will be filling this role. He has much to offer the children of our parish in regards to their religious faith formation.

Stay tuned! More and more good things are going to take place and continue at our beloved Immaculate Conception Parish.

The sun is shining anew, a new day has begun.

“And God saw that it was good.”(Gn 1:25)


Fr. Anthony



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